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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  May 2, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland." the united states conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader ofal- qaeda. >> osama bin laden is dead. the death follows ion tense search of a decade. the al-qaeda leader mastermind the attacks. a special edition of good morning maryland at 9. osama bin laden is dead. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. this is obviously the big news of the day. it started late last night and the news keeps coming. you are looking at video and hearing cheers of celebrations as people learn osama bin laden had been killed in pakistan.
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millions of people are reacting and, of course, in washington, d.c. that's where we go live this morning to meet emily schmidt. she kicks off the team coverage this morning. emily, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for months u.s. intelligence focused on a suspicious mansion and signs bin laden could be inside. on friday the president authorize admission to find out and yesterday, u.s. special forces killed their number one target. in a 9 minute state last night, the president announced the end of a nearly 10-year man shouldn't. >> the united states is conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. leader of al-qaeda a terrorist responsibility forel murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 people died in the 9/11 attacks. by the end of 2001, u.s. forces were bombing in afghanistan searching for bin laden. yesterday, a team of navy seals raided this mansion in pakistan.
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40 minutes later, after a fire fight where bin laden fought back, he was dead. >> we are once again reminded that america can do what ever we set our mind to. >> usa, usa. >> reporter: within minutes of the president's speech, jubilant crowds gathered outside the white house. >> i am shocked. >> reporter: the celebration continued in times square and the first family members of 9/11 victims began to weigh in. charles wolf's wife died in the world trade center. >> we beat them at their own game. we didn't give up. >> reporter: president obama warns there is no doubt al- qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against the u.s. >> i think clearly, the death of osama bin laden will allow people to justify attacking us even if they weren't prepared to attack us. >> reporter: overnight, the u.s. state department issued a travel alert and police departments across the country say they too are stepping up security. the same time officials tell abc news right now they are not hearing of specific threats
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against any specific targets. reporting hive in washington, emily schmidt, abc news. now back to you. >> thanks. and as we remember where we were and what we were doing on the anniversary of september 11th we do that every year. and now memories pop up again as we hear the news of the capture and death of osama bin laden. in the mid of relief and celebration most of us can't help but think back to that day. linda so is live this morning at penn station where she has been talking all morning to commuters headed new york and washington, d.c. good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning. yes, several of the trains coming from new york and heading there this morning and we did talk to a lot of people with the personal connection to this whole thing. one guy who was visiting here for the weekend lives up in new york city. he told us he was here for the weekend and his brother called him last night and as soon as obama made the announcement and that's how he found out e said his brother called him with the good news and he turned the tv on and said all night long he
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was watching the coverage. -- coverage. he couldn't peel away from it being a new yorker. he remembers the day on 9/11er with was. he was in school and he says he- - his school was 20 minutes from the site of the world trade center. he remembers running outside and they all ran up to the hill and they could see the smoke rising from where the twin towers collapsed. he went onto become a volunteer firefighter for new york city and says actually one of their firefighters was killed at the 9/11 site and is looking forward to going back home today and being there with his guys. let's listen to what he has to say. >> it resinates more with those who have known people who lost loved ones. and it's special for a lot of the guys to know that he is brought to justice. >> reporter: so joshua there is on his way right now back home to new york city. he says he was really sad that he was not there yesterday when
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the news first broke and everyone ran out on the streets to celebrate. but, again, he is glad that he gets to go back today and be with his fellow firefighters because this means so much for them. now coming up in our 9:30 hour we talked to another guy catching a train up to new york. he was in new york city when 9/11 happened. we will tell you what he has to say about going back there today after hearing that osama bin laden is dead. live at penn station, linda so, abc2 news. >> thank you. local reaction continues to the historic news of the capture and death. sherrie johnson is live at the world trade center in baltimore's inner harbor. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, we are here in the downtown area. look behind me here. yes, right in front of the world trade center of baltimore. this was mentioned as a possible target for september 11th attacks, but of course we know that didn't happen. but this morning, many people that i spoke with here are relieved about the news of
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osama bin laden's death. there's been a huge surge of patriotism since the news of the death. he was responsible for the murder of thousands of men, women and children. most notably the september 11th attacks which was nearly 10 years ago. people who work here in the world trade center baltimore say they are not nervous about heading to work, but they will remain vigilant in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. many are taking the day to reflect on that tragic day. >> it's pretty emotional actually. i was up in new york for 9/11i worked across the street. so i witnessed the entire attack. we got out easily and was able to get on the ferry and go over to hoboken. but yes, when i saw the news this morning, it struck me i live in walletmore -- baltimore now and new york changed dramatically for me.
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this really -- it was very emotional for me. >> reporter: president obama says it's important to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings in the coming months. reporting hive, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> nearly 10 years after the attacks this is especially good news for those who lost loved ones. hundreds gathered in washington, d.c. right outside -- outside the white house as news the killings spread. among them a man who lost his son in a deadly terror attacks and he said he knew he had to be at the white house. >> i feel that finally some vindication has been done. there's a lot more to be done. we know that. and the threat is not over. we know that. but, at least this is a big step. i came up from woodbridge when i heard. it's to be here this is where it's to be here tonight. it's to bring my son with me so we could share the time together. >> as being see he brought a picture of his son with him so
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they could be together to share the moment. we wanted your opinions and many of you have been sharing thoughts on wmar facebook fan page. michael writes my question is it an empty victory. was he it will still the leader or is there one else running the show. how much of a setback is this for the organization?>> and wade said proud american and marylander. i was in new jers i when it happened and i remember in my life i felt fear from outside of the u.s. today, he referring to bin laden is dead. and-- >> and jessica says i hope he is dead but i am afraid someone is going to fill his shoes. if you have comments and want to share it, we would love to know what you think, tell us and we are on the wmar facebook fan page constantly updating it. and in the course of the day there's been major news headlines. that again from the new york post. >> we are check headlines.
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we start in new york city where the post they have a simple one. vingence at last u.s. nails the bastard. >> this is from the san francisco examiner saying the butcher of 9/11 is dead and arizona discaly star saying justice is done. simply said. the daily news in philly says we got the bastard and in pittsburgh which is close to shanksville, we are -- shanksville, we are checking this out. u.s. kills ben laden. here in maryland the carroll county times has the top of the news pep osama bin laden dead. simple enough and this the baltimore sun we have been showing throughout the morning. simply saying the sun dead it was an earlier edition and this came out as well and u.s.a today. >> a couple newspapers had to struggle to keep up because the news was confirmed so late. papers such as "the new york times" had owed held lines but online the headlines are coming in and newspapers will have
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them later on tonight. prior to this the story was alabama and that's the headline for the early edition of the new york time and washington posts. their early edition was the cat scan. wall street journal was one that did as well. again, osama bin laden there on the front page. stay with us this morning. our coverage is just getting started. those who lost loved one the will never get the closure from the cowardly attack. >> perhaps they have a sense of peace in the whole thing. we are going to talk to someone who noles knows the feeling all too well. but first justin berk has check on the forecast this morning. >> we look from the u.s. naval academy. yes, we are looking down the severn and we have cloudy skies and we are checking out a few showers that came through this morning. the clouds hanging tight despite a few speaks of sun. same with baltimore. but clouds holding tight and firm. 57 degrees. and we have got a 60 spot easton and 61 that is 60
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towards pax river and most of us in the 50s. and the showers that came through the skies are trying to break up a. lot more in the way of cloudiness which is what we expect. a little sun and more of the cloud and scattered showers popping up at any point in time especially this afternoon with a possible thunderstorm mixed in high temperatures should surge to about 72 degrees. even warmer temperatures tomorrow but a stronger line of showers and thunderstorms will bring it into that -- an end to that. so cooler second half of the week. there's much more "good morning maryland" coming up in a moment. 88xh
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thanks for joining thus morning. we are following continuing coverage of the death of so amia bin laden the big storey. we bring outspecial edition of "good morning maryland at nine. now obviously we posted this on the facebook fan page and wanted to know what you think. and we are hearing from lot of you. this is something we will be mondayoring -- monitoring all morning and day long. keep comments coming. we posted stories starting last night whenee we heard of this. tasha writes in i think it's joyous occasion. i am glad people who lost loved ones due to the psychopath now have closure. however i think more than ever, we need to be on full alert.
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and then daniel writes in after being deployed to the pentagon after the plane crashed into it, this is bitter sweet. the comments keep coming and we would love to hear from you. so keep them coming. we want to know what you think. all you have to do is tell us. head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave comments and we will keep them coming throughout the morning's show. charley, back to you in the newsroom. >> thanks a lot. the news touched off a huge and spontaneous celebration including in new york city. an abc news josh elliot has more on the reaction nationwide. ♪ hey hey good-bye. >> reporter: nearly 1 years -- 10 years ago firemen roared through times square on the way to the twip towers. last night they came back to celebrate with their fellow new yorkers. >> [audio not understandable] it's one battle in the war. and the war is not over. >> reporter: nearly midnight when the news broke but across
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the country people felt compelled to leave and flood into the streets cheering and singing. outside the white house, crowds materialized in minutes. >> this is the coming together for america. it's incredible. >> u-sa, usa, usa. >> reporter: in california, more celebrations. and on college campuses across the nation, students too young to remember much before 9/11 put their stamp on history ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> reporter: look at this picture tweeted to us by a student at penn state. campus overflowing. and then there was this, west point cadets. not even 10 when the twin towers fell, chanting across campus. >> usa, usa. >> we are so patriotic and everyone is here celebrating an end to osama bin laden. hopefully an end of terrorism in the crazy world. >> reporter: overseas, u.s.
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troops in afghanistan watched the president's announcement proudly. and back home, the news literally brought the mets- philly games to a standstill. >> that was exciting moment. >> it was josh elliot reporting. and the irony of the moment when the announcement came on the phillies mets game the 9th inning with a 1-1 time. 9 sln 11 there as well. -- 9/11 there as well. >> so great to see people cheering and holding up flags and pointing to their usa shirts. >> the ken tru -- country feeling a sentence of relief and collective smile in the wake of so -- a sense of relief and collective smile in the wake of this. coming up, we will speak to a man whose brother died a hero in shanksville pennsylvania and is here to talk to us this morning. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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418- grade. [audio not understandable] we will switch it out and do it all over again. live pictures of ground zero. the u.s. has been targeting osama bin laden for nearly a decade. yesterday, word is he is dead right now with more let's go over to megan. >> all right. thanks. we are following this story today. and obviously, it has to be emotional news for those with familys -- families killed on september 11th. one phs those who can talk about that is officer kenny mackey. you lost a brother in shanksville, pennsylvania. i imagine the news is overwhelming for you and your family? >> it's been an emotional roller coaster since 7 last night. >> can you talk about getting the phone call or getting the news and what happened after that. >> we were out on a family dinner at my cousins came in from buffalo new york and my nephew came down and my
9:22 am
brother's youngest son and we had a nice weekend. and we were sitting down to dinner and i got a phone call from a friend i met over the years, and he pretty much said that hey, bin laden had been killed and he was waiting on it to be confirmed. >> what did you think? >> kind of mixed emotion. my mom is 80 years old and you know and she still lives it like it happened to her yesterday and you kind of held -- i kindth of held it in until it was confirmed i didn't want to let her know because you have to watch out. >> she found out this morning have you talked to her. >> i know my wife has talked to her several times. >> your brother was the oldest of four. and you said father of two. what about his sons? what are they saying. >> i haven't reached out this them yet. they are at work, you know what i mean? and i can't wait until i can. you know what i mean. it's near and dear to their hearts. and i think everyone says you have closure. and there's no such thing
9:23 am
because you miss everything. and when i got the news it was the first thing -- i thought of him and what you miss and thethings you look forward to every day because we lived a couple hours apart and we could depend on a phone call and saying ithinking about you and i missyou and it's kind of sad because of what we lost. you know you are happy for what happened and the direction that our government is going and the something sees that the military had. but on the other hand, you realize you know what you lost to get to this point. >> there's no cush thing as closure. >> none whatsoever -- no such thing as closure. >> none whatsoever. >> the president brought up people who were on flight 93. saying that they were heros because such a disafter the core have happened should -- disaster could have happened had they crashed. does your family talk about your brother being a hero and the fact the people were so brave? >> you know, i thought of my brother as a hero long before
9:24 am
september 11th. it's the honor and pleasure and following in his footsteps through school and in our lives. and but the people the 40 passengers of flight 93 can you -- and the crew emergencies can you imagine what they did in a 30-minute window. the events were unfolding and they gained information, formulated a plan and they voted on that plan and they executed it. can you imagine what our country would look like today if that plane reached the capitol or the white house? i mean, to me, i am in the law enforcement business and i understand what it takes to do what we do. and to what they pulled off, it's all inspiring and drives you to be better than what they did. >> the family dinner last night, it's got to feel a little bitter sweet you were with your family particularly with one of his sons and you get the news. you said you kept it inside and that must have been difficult
9:25 am
to do? >> hard. very emotional and it's pulling at you. and like i said, because you are here having a good time with everyone and then it is. but it makes you sad and i didn't want to ruin that occasion because everyone would probably have reacted the same way i did i got the information and said the immediate reaction is you feel warm and it's good and then all of a sudden, you realize why we are here and it makes you sad and i didn't want to ruin the setting for anybody. >> i think you bring up a great point. it's not closure. no family is going to get that. but at least it is a sense of relief for the country. >> it is. on the other hand you have to keep diligent and continue to fight. you know. this happened back in the bush administration where they said let's go out and start it and the new administration is keeping that fight along. you can't stop. you know what i mean? you have no idea in my mind i would think that he was preparing for this day. if i were him, i would be.
9:26 am
i would try to put my successors in place so you have to keep diligent. just because he is dead doesn't mean it's over. you figure 1993 is when the first world trade center bombing took place. talking less than ten years they waited to try it again. >> it's emotional news you hadsitting with you less than 24 hours and i appreciate you coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> we will keep your family in our thoughts and prayers and let noise what your mom says. >> i will. >> thanks for coming. i know tough go back to work. >> yes, i do. >> charley. >> thanks a lot. news time is 9:26. continuing coverage this morning following the news that u.s. forces have taken out osama bin laden. up next, we go live to shanksville, pennsylvania for a live report where hijacked united airlines flight 93 went down almost ten years ago. justin. all right we were watching mostly cloudy skies a few peeks of sunshine and a few more showers pomg popping up. overall, we are watching the wide view map with showers and
9:27 am
thunderstorms back towards the west. and better chance back towardsshanksville a get the showers and we will watch thunderstorms try to erupt today and tomorrow. the extended outlook on the forecast coming next. please stick around. t
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now "good morning maryland" at nine. >> looking and looking and nobody quit and that's what makes me feel good. >> it took nearly a decade millions are wake up to the news that osama bin laden is dead and they say he was killed in a compound and he was buried at sea. president obama had actually given the go-ahead for the attack last week. >> yeah. and he learned yesterday afternoon special u.s. forces led the charge just north of the pakistan capital of islamabad where bin laden was killed. samantha heyes picks up the coverage from washington. -- hayes picks up the coverage from washington. >> reporter: following the announcement sunday that the news is sinking in that the world's most wanted terrorist
9:31 am
figure is dead. late sunday night, president barack obama delivered the stunning announcement from the east wing of the white house. >> the united states is conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden the leader of al-qaeda. >> reporter: a small team carried out the mission killing bin laden about two hours north of islamabad the capital of pakistan. foodage -- footage showed smoke and fire at the compound where bin laden was found. cheers erupted from ground zero and outside the white house sunday night as crowds gathered as the news spread. >> on nights like this one, we can say to those families who have lost loved ones to al- qaeda terror, justice has been done. >> reporter: the death of bin laden marks the end of a 10- year worldwide manhunt that began shortly after 9/11. and in a statement former president george w. bush said, this momentous achievement marks a victory for america for people who seek peace around
9:32 am
the world and for all those who lost loved ones on september 11th 2001. amid concerns of retaliation from al-qaeda, the u.s. state department says it will step up security at u.s. diplomatic facilities all over the world. one terrorism expert says the u.s. will be watching to see who succeeds bin laden. >> i think the successor will be nothing fortunately on the scale of what we have seen of osama bin laden. >> reporter: government officials says the operation targeting osama bin laden was designed and executed to kill him not take him alive. and in washington samantha hayes abc2 news. >> "the new york times" reports that military bases in the united states and really around the world were ordered a higher state of readiness. no doubt about it, as chaos broke out in new york city in the pentagon on 9/11, it was also playing out in a rural field in pennsylvania. united airlines flight 93 crashed about 80 miles southeast pittsburgh pennsylvania and 150 miles
9:33 am
northwest of washington, d.c. justin mikeels is live in -- michaels is live in shanksville and joins to us set the scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you say that 150 miles that 150 miles is actually 20 minutes flying time to washington, d.c. that is how close this plane was to potentially doing some very, very serious damage to our capital city. but it didn't because of the heroic efforts of 44 people on board who took those four terrorists out and they did that right here in shanksville. let me show you where it happened. you can see down the hill there there's flag in that green space down there and that is the point of impact where flight 93 and its 44 heros aboard died. this is really considered by many here to be a burial ground for the people. and you can see all the construction happening here in stoney creek township. this is going to be the memorial and the monument to
9:34 am
all the lives that were lost that day and how much those people mean to the community and the country. of course, flight 93 was on its way to san francisco from newark and it was diverted by the terrorists in midair and it took a left turn and came back south over the city at cleveland and ended right here. 46 minutes into the flight, now so far today, it has been very different here as compared to washington, d.c. and also new york city where you saw thousands of people turn out climbing up light poles to show their excitement about osama bin laden dying there. this is very different. only a handful of people have turned out here today. probably because it's a very rural area. but the people who have turned out are very respectful and solemn atmosphere here as they simply look over and see where that happened almost ten years ago coming up this september 11th. so, very interesting scene from shanksville. we will be here reporting from the scene here all throughout
9:35 am
the day and as this week continues. reporting live for you from shanksville, justin michaels for abc2 news. >> all right justin we look forward to those reports. thanks so much for checking in with us and, of course, later in the day, we will hear from you as well as people in shanksville. police departments in new york city as well as los angeles say the death of osama bin laden will make us all more vigilant. the state department has told americans abroad especially in areas prone to antiu.s. violence to avoid crowd as well as travel. embassies are put on high alert and the department said there was anence -- an enhanced potential given counter terrorism activity in pakistan. the death of osama bin laden is het getting huge reaction all over the place. one hot spot is outside of penn station. linda so joins us this morning with what commuters are saying especially as they go on their connections and think about the time of 9/11. linda, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, a lot of trains coming
9:36 am
out of new york heading to new york this morning and we caw out -- caught with up some of the commuters that has personal connection. one guy we spoke with who lives here in baltimore but is heading up to new york city today he says he was in new york city 9 1/2 years ago when 9/11 happened and hers are the day and says -- remembers the day and says it was somber and early quiet for a bustling city after what happened. it was a terrible, terrible day. but he says he is actually very excited even though he is heading up there for work today. he is very excited to be there in the city and see the people and he is looking forward to the celebration that is are going on just to mark the occasion of osama bin laden being dead. we also spoke with another guy who is -- who was visiting baltimore over the weekend and he lives in new york city. he is a volunteer firefighter there. and he says he remembers that day when 9/11 happened and he was in school.
9:37 am
he ran outside up on the hill and there were 20 minutes from the city and he just remembers seeing the smoke rising from the site of the world trade center. and he he cannot wait to -- he cannot wait to get back to be with his fellow firefighters being a big day for them. but let's listen to what one of the commute hers to say about being in new york city today and the death of osama bin laden, about 9 1/2 years after the 9/11 attack. let's listen. >> and i woke up very pleased. it's been long time coming. and perhaps this anniversary will be the first anniversary that will be a little better than the ones before. >> reporter: so again, the folks with the personal connection in new york, they are looking forward to getting back home being in the city today on such a big occasion. we are live at penn station, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a who.
9:38 am
back to your two cents -- thanks a lot. back to your two cents on the wmar facebook fan page. many of you weighing in on the death of osama bin laden sharing your thoughts as we want you to do at the facebook fan page. we want to hear back from you at all time. of you weighing in in the past hour alone when we posted this. matthew williams saying president obama did the job the president -- as the president of the united states. no party politics involved as national security advisers brought in the information and he got the approval and moved forward as needed. had bush been in office the same thing would have happened. now we have another here from jim skiler saying it's an exceptional to kill him as exceptional as it is, as victorious as the u.s. military is we must ever remain vigilant from jim and robin a very simple remark this morning saying simply this is too good to be true. with her cheers from around the
9:39 am
world we have heard many of you on facebook weighing in on this today. and keep doing so and throughout the course of the morning we want to hear from you throughout the day. and into the afternoon and continuing the conversation as abc2 continues working for you as we always do. megan. >> all right. thanks so much. we have heard cheers and celebrations from our country's largest landmarks. >> usa, usa. >> just ahead, a look at the college campuses and how students around the country are taking the news the search for the world's biggest terrorist is finally over. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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now "good morning maryland at nine." >>i don't think i was more proud to be a american. >> state college pennsylvania we heard chanting from students yelling usa on campus as they pass a massive american flag through the crowd. over 5,000 people flooded the streets shutting down most of the streets for more than two hours. we certainly seen celebration at penn state and different places all over. >> let's go to west point and listen to cadets. keep in mind this is after the news osama bin laden was reported dead.
9:43 am
>> usa, usa, usa, usa. >> curfew typically around 11:30 but you couldn't stop them from cheering until the early morning hours. again, sharing the thoughts of many around the u.s. happiness and jubilation the death of osama bin laden. >> there are so many images we carry in our hearts following the days after september 11th. >> coming up, president bush was in there in charge in 2001. what he did and what he had to say about our nation in the days that followed. we are looking at mount airy. one of the many spots dealing with cloudy skies. we showed outu.s. naval academy. we will -- you the u.s. naval academy. we will show you more in a couple minutes. clouds are fighting their way back in. an unstable environment and it will be hard to peek out the sun for much more than a few spots at a time. the showers popping up again this afternoon. we will talk about the turbulent weather and we could have another round of severe storms tomorrow before another
9:44 am
big cooldown coming up. we will be right back in a moment.
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9:46 am
thanks for joining us this morning. so it's almost been a decade since the september 11th attacks in the united states but never par from our mind. united states vows to bring justice to those responsible
9:47 am
for the defendants devastation. -- desks station. >> i can hear you the rest of the world hears you and the people -- and the people who knocked the buildings down. >> many of us remember the moment in the days following attack former president george bush met with survivors and rescue workers hoping to lift spirits and unite a nation. and after president obama's announcement a group of people celebrated outside bush's house in dallas. bush released a statement saying the death marks a victory for america and for those who lost loved ones on september 11th. he add the deaths send an unmistakable message no matter how long it takes, justice will be done. >> we have seen similar situation all over the country. the celebration weeping the united states. a spot usually marked by tragedy now in the place of celebration. new york city, thousands came
9:48 am
together at ground zero sheering u.s.a and remembering the thousands of lives that were lost on september 11th. when the planes hit the twin towers, heros, men and women ran in to save people, police and firefighters did not hesitate. and this morning, they are sharing their stories about the news of bin laden and. >> for the nation and the world, a tyrant is killed but again,it's one battle in the war and this war is not over. >> fire trucks roared through times square overnight as word spread the united states forces had killed bin laden. ten years ago on september 11th more than 300 firefighters died at the world trade center. back now to your two cents on the hot topic for today. your reaction to the death of osama bin laden. that's the question in various incarnations on the facebook fan page at abc2 news and you've been weighing in since the news broke after 11:30 last night. many of you coming in saying pj says be satisfied but justice
9:49 am
is served even if it took ten years. be vigilant watch your judgments about people who are different than you and it's a small step in the prejudice of terrorism. also daniel says after being deployed to the pentagon after the plane crashed into it, this is bitter sweet. dawn says it's great news. very happy but if people are at ease to believe the war on terror is over, it's only began. think back to 2001 the planning when this day came and think again and christy says hallelujah at the news of. this and like we said, this question has been posted in various incarnations throughout the night getting your thoughts and many into the hounds in responses. also we have video of president obama's announcement of this. various other things not only on but the facebook fanned page as well. go there and check that out for complete coverage. we are continuing to monitor it at abc2 news bringing you the latest as it becomes available. megan. >> all right. thanks so much.
9:50 am
the timing of osama bin lad ann death is after a powerful movie was played at this weekend's tribeca film festival. more on the film created by a teen who was in kindergarten when the twin towers fell. we will have more when we come back. $?$?
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now maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> cloudy skies and a few peeks of sun after a morning shower. back to the u.s. naval academy. by the way there's video on youtube how the midshipmen broke out at the naval academy singing the national anthem and with added pride and we have been showing you all across the country and sell brags from last night. at least they are getting sunlight in the several and by the naval academy and we are looking at 60. they are pushing the warmer spots in the region at southwest wind. a little strong. 9 gusting to 21 miles per hour. today, temperatures 72 degrees. the morning showers out of here. i think another round may try to develop with thunder this
9:54 am
afternoon and no big deal. enology expected to be -- nothing expected to be severe. scattered showers overnight at 57. that shower threat and that word is going to be too repetitive. stuck in the wet pattern and slow down that's going to be heavier rain arkansas through tennessee. and flooding potential there on the anniversary of nashville's big flood that took out somedamage into the grand old opry. today clouds and maybe some breaks of sun. breaks of sun helping to ignite more storms this afternoon. we will lift the front to the north and the front back to the west tries to sneak in but that pumps us up to 80 and heavier rain and storms slowly creeping in and there will be a threat a slight threat of severe weather back to the west. and we could get a taste of the nasty storms late tomorrow through wednesday morning. after 80 we go 62. cinco de mayo dry and back into the 60s with a chance of more showers, yeah, that's right more showers friday and saturday. >> all right. thanks so much.
9:55 am
of course it was nearly 10 years ago when the two jets hit the world trade center and this past weekend a young man who was just in kindergarten when that happened a few blocks from the disaster premiered his deeply personal documentary. >> yeahch the story of a boy -- yeah. the story of a boy shaped what he saw. here's abc david muir. >> i remember the crumbling of the towers falling in on themselves. >> reporter: brook was four on that day the second day of kindergarten a few block from the world trade sent and -- center and knew many of the firemen. rayed by a single mother she would take him to the firehouse to have male role -- male rolemodel and on 9/11 a little boy offered him the words. >> grow up to be a good man. >> reporter: hesaw the towers fall and the workers jumping and for years struggled to make sense of it all. he decided to make a documentary interviewing other stewed he and teachers who witnessed it too. >> i remember being on the ground putting my head down to the ground saying a prayer the whole time.
9:56 am
i was so afraid. >> reporter: he is now 14. the documentary premiered this weekend not far from ground zero. >> brook peters. >> and i never talked about it until i started to interview kid. they were able to talk about it and i should be able to be more vocal about my experience that day. >> david reported what a mature 14-year-old. >> we showed outjoyed a few moments ago from -- we showed you the video from west point and they grew up in the shadow of this. that's why the curfew was suspend last night. >> you heard from a lot of young people had said what happened on september 11th made their decision to fight overseas and go into the military. it will be interesting to hear their perexpect knife a culmination of what they built their life up to be. >> absolutely. >> all right. we thank you for joining us today. >> yeah. stay on and also on our facebook fan page.
9:57 am
let noise what you think. we will have questions throughout the day -- let us know what you think. we will have questions throughout the day. >> of course at five and six, they will go back out live at shanksville a crew from our newsroom is heading to dc right now so they will get reaction from there as well. >> we will join you tomorrow morning bright and earl crate 4:306789 we are the first and only newscast that -- early at 4:30. weert first and -- we are the first and only newscast to start at 4:30. have a great day.
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